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 MTNL is presently offering a wide spectrum of Internet related services from Dial up Internet access to broadband Internet access services in Delhi and Mumbai.
MTNL provides a contention ratio of 1:10 for Home PSTN Dial-up users.

Following Internet related services are offered by MTNL in Delhi
  • Prepaid Internet access service 
    PSTN Dial up  provides internet access using local telephone line. Access number for this service is 172230.Two types of tariff plans are available  one being the  Dialup hourly usage plan and  other is unlimited usage plan. 
    ISDN Dial up provides internet access using ISDN line. Access numbers for this service are 24694444,26220000, 26213677, 25166039,23761667. Two types of tariff plans are available for this service , Dialup hourly usage plan and  Flat usage plan.
    Email facility and
    Free web space of 2MB is provided with prepaid dialup internet connections.                               >> More
  • Post paid Internet Express CLI service
         PSTN Dial up -MTNL is providing CLI based Internet Express Service for PSTN users in Delhi & Mumbai. Access number for this service is 172231, Username is the 8 digit Telephone No of the connected telephone line and password is any character/word.                                          >> More
    ISDN Dial up- MTNL is providing CLI based Internet Express Service for ISDN users in Delhi & Mumbai. Access number for this service is 172232, Username is the 8 digit Telephone No of the connected telephone line and password is any character/word.                                            >> More
  • Free web to mobile for MTNL GSM Mobile subscribers 
      MTNL has launched free Web to Mobile service for all its Mobile users.  User can just register and start availing the service. The URL of the service is>>More 
  •  Internet Telephony Service                         
    IP based Internet telephony Bol Anmol service is provided by MTNL for making International Telephone calls. MTNL is offering this service at lowest rate of Rs 3.00 per minute for calls to USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia. This service is based on two types of dialers as below

    Downloadable dialer for green card prepaid cards.
    Browser based dialer for Blue card prepaid cards.         >> More
  • Bill payment services
    Payment portal provides on line bill payment facility to its basic, Garuda and GSM subscribers. One time registration and validation is required for secured transaction from saving bank account.Facility is available for account holders of all the banks having transaction facility with RBI    >>More        
    Bill alert service
    provides MTNL Delhi basic service subscribers with an electronic version of their paper bills in their E-Mailbox.    >> More
  • Website hosting service
    MTNL is providing Website hosting service on various High end servers based on Windows 2000, Linux and Solaris platform. Various options are available based on space requirement of the sites to be hosted.  >> Tariff
  • Web server hosting service
       MTNL is providing web server hosting at its Internet premises which provides faster access of web sites hosted on the server. Various options based on Data Transfer are available.                   >> Tariff
  • Internet service via leased Lines
       Leased Line Internet access service provides high speed Internet access. The Leased Line runs between subscriber premises and Internet Unit.                                                                                            >>Tariff
  • Phone connection for Internet Use
       MTNL is providing  Internet telephone which is available under two schemes .                                                                  >>Tariff


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