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Mobile telephone Service at affordable rates

Thank you for subscribing to "GARUDA -1x" WLL Mobile Phone Service of MTNL.
Welcome to our latest CDMA 3G network that offers you voice communication along with phone plus 
services and data connectivity up to 144 kbps.

Please read instructions for starting your phone. Your phone has been preprogrammed and activated.
STEP 1 Given below is a list of things that you will find in the box.

      • Your Handset
      • Battery for your handset
      • User Manual
      • One Battery charger with conversion plug

STEP 2 Please fix the battery into the handset. Then fix the back cover of your phone, which will latch with a click.
STEP 3 Please put the handset on charge.
STEP 4 Please do not make any calls or use the phone before charging the handset.
STEP 5 Charge your handset until the battery indication on the screen shows fully charged. While charging the bars showing the battery status will move continuously.
STEP 6 Now switch on the power by pressing
and holding till the screen lights up.
STEP 7 The phone will now show the "GARUDA" logo & will be ready for use in about 10 seconds.
STEP 8 To switch off your handset press and hold


  • In case the phone is not activated, you will get a message that your phone is not registered with "GARUDA" service when you try to make any call. Usually the phone shall be activated within two days of your recieving the phone. however in case of any delay you may contact "GARUDA" helpdesk at 2000 0000.
  • You could also visit any "GARUDA" Service Center (GSC) for assistance.

To make a local call to any other "GARUDA" number or fixed line number you need to dial the desired number only without the STD code and press the green button
e.g. 2000 0000 .

You need to dial the desired number with the STD/ISD code and press
e.g. 022 24132599 or 011 56789000 . This service will only be available if you have subscribed for it.

  • To activate - Dial * 18#
  • To deactivated - Dial * 19#
  • If you get a call, while you are busy on another call, you will hear a beep alert, and the phone number of the caller will be shown on the display.
  • To recieve the other call press the first line goes on hold and 2nd line is connected.
  • To toggle between the lines press the other line goes on hold.

This feature allows you to divert a call to any local number or your voicemail box.
Unconditional Call Divert i.e. all calls will be diverted.

  • To activate - Dial *14 DN# and press . DN(Directory Number) is the phone number to which calls are to be diverted.
  • To deactivate - Dial *15# and press

Call divert on No. Reply/Not reachable.

  • To activate - Dial *222 DN# and press . DN is the phone number to which calls are to be diverted.
  • To deactivate - Dial *223# and press

Call Divert while busy on another call.

  • To activate - Dial *220 DN# and press . DN is the phone number to which calls are to be diverted.
  • To deactivate - Dial *221# and press

When you are unable to take a call, the caller can leave a message with the voice mail service. To divert the calls in any of the above mentioned cases to your voice mailbox dial '17060' instead of the Directory Number (DN).
To retrieve Messages from your Voice Mail 
 Dial 17060 and press
from your "GARUDA" phone and follow the system instructions.


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 Copyright 2003, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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