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MTNL Fax Card 

MTNL Fax Card enables a subscriber, who may not have any fax machine of his own, to receive faxes in his/ her fax mailbox. The fax messages received in the fax mailbox, then, can be retrieved on any fax machine. 

  Features and Advantages of the Service

  •  Receive and Retrieve faxes: anywhere, anytime.

  • Store upto 10 faxes simultaneously for 7 days.

  • Automatic deletion of un-played or kept faxes which are more than 7 days old.

  • Speeds up your communication.

How to get a MTNL Fax Card? 

The MTNL Fax Card is available in the form of a pre-paid card which can be obtained from your nearest Sanchar Haat at a nominal cost of Rs 150/- plus service tax as applicable by filling up a simple FORM (the form can also be downloaded from our web site The MTNL Fax Card is valid for six months from the date of first use/ login. However, you can get it renewed for a period which is in multiple of six months on payment corresponding to the renewal period (Rs 150/- plus service tax for six months) at any Sanchar Haat before your card expires.

  How to Get a fax in your fax mail box          

  •   Remove the scratch-off coating on your MTNL Fax Card to get your 8-digits fax mailbox number and 4-digits passcode.

  • Communicate your fax mailbox number to your acquaintances, friends, and relatives from whom you wish to receive faxes. The passcode is to be kept secret.

  • One can send Fax to you by simply dialing your Fax Number.

  • On dialing the 8-digits fax mailbox number, the system will prompt the sender “To send your fax, please press start button on your fax machine now”.

  • The fax will be received in your fax mailbox after the sender presses the Start button on his/ her fax machine.

How to Retrieve your fax massages. 

  • Dial your fax mailbox number using the fax machine on which you want to retrieve your faxes.

  • Press the * button as soon as the announcement starts to indicate that the owner wishes to access his/ her own fax mailbox.

  • The system will then greet you by your mailbox number and ask you to enter your pass-code.

  • Enter your pass-code. Then the system tells how many fax massages are there in your mailbox and then you can retrieve all those faxes as per interactive voice response system.

  • The system will prompt

                    Press  7 for fax transmittal options.
Press  8 user options.
Press  9 to exit the system.

Press 7
The system will prompt
Press  8 for fax transmittal options.
Press  7 run the current message again.
Press  5 save the current message.
Press  3 to discard it.

Press 8 
The system will prompt
Press  7 to receive the fax now.
Press  9 exit the system.

Press 7
System will prompt
“To receive your fax Press Start button on your fax machine now.”
Then press start button on the fax machine. The fax machine will receive the fax from the system. 

After receiving your fax  messages:

Once you have received your fax messages, you can press:

 Press 7       to receive the fax message again.
      Press 5       to keep the fax message for future review.
3       to discard the fax message. 

Important Notes: 
Pass-code: You will always be prompted for your password while accessing your fax mailbox. Your pass-code is printed on Scratch Card as scratched above. However, you can change your passcode which can be a 4 to 10 digit number by going to user options. Choose some number that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. If you do not wish to have pass-code dial four times Zero i.e. 0000.
If you accidentally DISCARD a fax message you can retrieve it immediately by  pressing ‘*’ , otherwise your message will be lost.
System will automatically delete un-played or kept fax messages which are more than 7 days old.
Maximum Number of messages that can be stored in a mailbox simultaneously is 10.
No new fax message will be stored if the mailbox is full. So it is advisable to check your mailbox regularly.  

For any assistance please call 1500 or 1600 110 936. You can also contact SDE (VMS) on Phone No. 23717421 for any help.




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