Creation of E-Mail Account at MTNL Web-Self Care Website:

  1. Log on to MTNL Web-Self Care Website

  2. Enter your Username and Password in the given fields.

  3. Click ‘Login’.

  4. In the next window, Click on ‘Add Complimentary E-mail ID(s)’ visible under the Account Maintenance Menu on the left side.

  5. In the table that appears on the right side, number of eligible E-Mail ID's will appear. Click the check box and enter the new E-Mail id under ‘Login’ field (Atleast 3 characters).

  6. Under the ‘Password Field’ enter password for new E-Mail ID.

  7. Please choose the password between 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters. Please note that you can have different passwords for your E-Mail IDs and username or you can also have same password for them depending upon your convenience.

  8. Click under ‘Confirm Password Field’ and re-enter your new password, which should be same as at Step 6.

  9. For creation of more E-Mail Boxes (if available) repeat the steps from 5 to 8.

  10. Click on ‘Submit’ button. A confirmation message ‘Following E-mail ID(s) created successfully’ will appear on the screen indicating that your Mail Box has been created successfully.

  11. To check new password go to the web-based E-Mail access site or click E-Mail under the Account Maintenance Menu on the left side. Enter your E-Mail login ID and password as created above and click 'Login' button. If the E-Mail Login ID and password are correct then you'll enter into your mailbox.

  12. Customer can send only 200 mails per email id per day.