Customer Service Management System (CSMS)
A fully computerised single window facility for all telephone related work, covering from Registration of new phones to Billing Services and fault repair services.
There won't be any need to go different counters for different services. This service is now available for subscribers of South-1 South-II, West-II, Central and Trans Yamuna area exchanges. Soon it will be made available in other areas.

Setting Right Faulty Phones

Computerised booking of complaint 198/2198
If your telephone goes faulty, register your complaint on 198 (if dialing from the same exchange of the fault number) or xx21198/xxx2198 (if dialing for some other exchange). xx/xxx indicates the two /three digit code of exchange for which the complaint is booked.

Helpline Service
Helpdesks for Value Added Services:
1) Internet Helpdesk - 1504/22221504,1600111172
2) Answering Machine Services Helpdesk Services - 1600110936
3) Intelligent Network - 1600111111

Directory Information Services

Computerised Directory Inquiry
When you dial 197, the operator will provide updated directory information.

On Line Directory Information Service
To know the telephone numbers of subscribers of Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Dial 23322183, 23325183,23328183,23326183, 23736183 and 23711183 respectively.

Directory Dial up Service
All computer owners with modem facility who are also subscribers of MTNL can have all the latest directory information of their computers buy dialing 23737878. Time saving and convenient indeed. This is a round-the-clock service.

Directory Service for I-Net Subscribers
All I-NET subscribers can dial 404311017197 and access in line directory inquiry service information.

CD Rom
MTNL's telephone directory is now available in CDs for sale. These are available with area CSCs at a price of Rs. 50/- each.