Tariff and other charges for PABX/EPABX service owned on EPBX basis

Tariff and other charges for PABX/EPABX service for the service areas of Delhi/Mumbai which will be effective after the mandatory reporting period of 10 working days is over from the date of reporting.

S.No Particulars Remarks
1. License Fee Nil for all capacities
2. Rental (to be taken in advance)  
a) O/G and both ways junctions Rs.3000 per annum per jn. (@ Rs. 250 per month per jn.)
b) I/C junctions Rs.2400 per annum per jn. (@ Rs.200 per month per jn.)
3. Installation charges ** Rs.300 per junction
4. Security deposit for O/G,I/C and both ways junction NIL
5. Call charges Upto 60 calls : FREE
61-300 calls : 0.80
>300 calls    :1.20
6. Free calls 60 calls
7. Discount on call charges Volume discount of 9 % for gross calls exceeding Rs. 25 lakhs per month
8. Modem testing charges **  
**i) if DEL is converted to PABX line then no additional installation charges to  be levied and if any additional charges are to be levied on account of increase in requirement etc. the previous deposit will be adjusted.
ii) if E1 link is provided instead of multiple lines, no modem charge and no testing charge will be levied.
iii) E1 link is permitted for incoming only and not for outgoing calls.