Web Page Hosting Services

Web Hosting Disk Space

Annual Charges

Mail Quota

Mail Ids

10 MB


8 MB


20 MB

16 MB


50 MB


32 MB


100 MB


60 MB


200 MB


60 MB


500 MB


60 MB


1 GB


60 MB


 Database Charges:
      My SQL    -  Nil
      Oracle     -  10,000/- per annum (incremental on top of disk space taken)
      MS SQL   -  10,000/- per annum (incremental on top of disk space taken)

Domain Name Registration.
.com domain  -  Rs. 600/- per domain for registration for one year
-  Rs. 600/- per domain for registration renewal as and when  applicable
   .in domain    -  Rs. 2000/- per domain for registration for two years
-  Rs. 2000/- per domain for registration renewal as and when   applicable

Additional Email Id   : Rs. 1000/- per Email Id per Annum with 4 MB mail space
Additional Fix IP        :  Rs. 3000/- per IP per annum

Marketing Incentive:

               For Web Hosting space upto 100 MB                      :Rs. 300/-
For Web Hosting more than 100 MB                    :   Rs. 1000/-
For Web Hosting with Oracle / MS SQL Database   :   Rs. 1000/-

Loyalty Discount:

For existing customers the same may be made effective w.e.f. 1.1.2004 
wherever charges are getting reduced. This will help in reducing the migration.
The web server hosting service is being withdrawn because of security concerns,
 Also it will not have any impact as there is no subscriber  using such services
 as on date. Whenever any such request comes, the same may be considered
 on case-to-case basis.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Web page hosting will be for minimum duration of one year.

  •   Web hosting will be available on Windows 2000, Solaris 8 and Linux platforms.  

  • FTP (File transfer Protocol) access will be provided on MTNL ISP account only. For that account has to be taken separately from MTNL. Secure fix IP address facility will be extended  free of cost for one such account.  

  • Unlimited data transfer is allowed.  

  • The update charge for web pages will be Rs. 500 per update if done by MTNL.  

  •   In case the service is surrendered or request is made for a downward change in the disk space,
     the tariff till the end of current quarter (charged in advance) will not be refunded or adjusted.  

  •   In case of request for upward change of disk space, the annual service-charge of the higher disk space will be charged at the time of receipt of such request and the advance service-charge amount already paid at the old rate for the remaining period of the annum will be adjusted.  

  • Cumulative option under one registration will be accepted.  

  • Service Tax extra as applicable.(12.36% w.e.f. 01.04.2012)