Tariff for New Citywide Centex plan through NGN          

For City vide Centrex facility, additional tariff of Rs. 60/- per month per telephone  connection will be charged, over and above the normal  tariff plan in which the connections are provided/working, for providing free communication within CUG irrespective of the technology.  

The other terms and conditions shall be as under:-  

  1. The minimum requirement of customers in a group will be 50(fifty).
  1. The group dialing code will start with #9 followed by 3 digits or 4 digits numbering scheme.  The calls within group will be free, and outside the   group the customer will be able to dial as a normal line.
  1. The registration / issue of OBs will be done centrally at DGM(Coml.), HQ unit including addition / deletion in a  Centrex scheme.  Customers can directly approach DGM(Coml.) HQ.  The CPSL, Sales and Marketing units may approach the customers of Corporate Sectors.
  1. The OB generated at Coml., HQ will flow to Area and then to NGN switch for execution and then to TR unit of area for billing.
  1. The dialing short code 3 or 4 digit, # group No. will be centrally allotted by the Coml. Unit of HQ and will be implemented further by EL unit in NGN switch.
  1. These rates are valid for new Centrex customer being activated through NGN only.

The scheme will be initially implemented for Landline only.  

The other  terms and conditions shall be as per the plan opted by the subscriber / existing plan of the customer.