Permissible within the same telephone exchange, inter-exchange or anywhere in India. Within same exchange area permissible irrespective of the period for which the telephone connection has worked.

For inter-exchange shift within Delhi or on All India basis, either of the following conditions should be satisfied:

1. The registration date of telephone connection required to be shifted falls within release period in the specific category pertaining to the exchange area to which it is required to be shifted.

2. The telephone required to be shifted has already worked for at least six months if OYT and at least for a period of 18 months if provided under N-OYT-G/S category in the exchange area from it is required to be shifted.

Shifting charges Rs 100/- for same exchange or interexchange connection but NIL for same premises.

To be applied on a prescribed application form ,available from CSCs. Filled in application for same exchange area to be submitted at divisional CSC. For Inter-exchange and shift on All India Basis to be submitted at Area CSC.